The final touch from a teammate, which leads to the recipient of the ball scoring a Goal. If the assist is deflected by an opposition player, it must be deemed as travelling to the Goal-scorer irrespective of the deflection. In the event of an own Goal, direct free kick Goal and direct corner Goal, an assist will not be awarded. This same rule applies to penalties unless the penalty taker chooses to pass the ball for another player to score. Also see 'Fantasy Assist.'
Cards are collected as yellow, 2nd yellow or red card. We cross-check cards against official sources to match the official statistics and will align our collection unless there is recognition of a clear error.
A ball played from a wide position targeting a teammate(s) in a central area within proximity to the Goal. The delivery must have an element of lateral movement from a wider position to more central area in front of Goal.
Goal/Own Goal
Attributing a Goal to the Goal scoring player, or in the case of an Own Goal, to the defending player. Given any contention around assigning a Goal to an appropriate player, Opta will apply their own rules, and when applicable will align decisions to the relevant official competition, governing body.
An event attributed to the player deemed to be in an offside position when a free kick is awarded. If two or more players are in an offside position when the ball is played, the player considered to be most actively involved is given offside.
The attempted delivery of the ball from one player to another player on the same team. A player can use any part of their body (permitted in the laws of the game), to execute a pass. Event categorisation includes open play passes, Goal kicks, corners and free kicks played as a pass. Crosses, keeper throws, and throw ins do not count as a pass.
A shot is defined as any goal attempt.
Shot on target
A deliberate attempt to score that is on target. Includes all Goals being scored and shots on target saved by the Goalkeeper. It also includes shots on target that are Blocked by a last line defending player, preventing the ball from entering the Goal. Also See 'Shot Off Target.'
A tackle is defined when a player connects with the ball in a legal, ground level challenge and successfully takes the ball away from the opposition player. The tackled player must be in controlled possession of the ball to be tackled by an opposition player. Both Tackle Won and Lost are categorised as tackles, but the outcome of the tackle (won or lost) is different based on where the ball goes after the tackle.
Foul conceded
A Foul Conceded is defined as any infringement penalised as foul play by a referee that results in a free-kick or penalty event. Offsides are not given as a foul conceded. Incidents where a match official has played advantage and subsequently cautioned a player, do not contribute towards the total foul count for the player or team. In these scenarios a free-kick or penalty event must occur for a foul to be awarded.
Foul won
A Foul Won is defined when a player wins a free kick or penalty for their team after being fouled by an opposing player. There are no fouls won for a handball, dive, back pass, illegal restart, dissent, GK 6-second violation or obstruction where a free kick is conceded.